Creative Ways to Add Personality into Kraft Soap Boxes

The kraft soap box is a popular choice among many businesses because it represents the classic, traditional style that has been around for decades. The only problem? It can be boring. You don’t want your product to blend in with all of the other products on the shelves, do you? There are creative ways to spruce up these boxes and make them stand out from others! Here are some easy steps that will help you add personality to your kraft soap boxes.

When people think of kraft packaging, they might only think about the plain brown cardboard boxes that are usually used to ship off their Amazon purchases. But there are so many different ways you can make these boxes look creative and interesting! One way is by using a lotion bar or soap in the shape of an animal or character – this will make it seem like your customers are getting something special when they open up their package. Another idea is to use stickers with funny sayings on them – for example, “I’m not dirty, I just have dirt personality!” These two techniques will show your customer that you put thought into making their purchase special.

So, you want to add personality into your kraft soap or tray and sleeve boxes? You are not alone. There are many people who have come up with creative ways to make their packaging unique and interesting. Here’s how you can do it too.

Steps to Add Personality into your Kraft Soap Boxes

Take off the top of your kraft soap box.

Use craft paint to decorate them however you want – these can be really fun, so use your imagination!

Once the paint is dry, put on another layer of mod podge over it and let that dry too. This will ensure nothing flaking gets all over anyone’s hands while they are using their soap bar or other product in this packaging box.

Using stickers with funny sayings on them like “I’m not dirty, I just have dirt personality!” is a great way to add some character into your tray and sleeve boxes without much work at all. Plus, customers love when they get something special for free inside of their package! Yay, free stuff! ter-this is such a fun and unique way to decorate these boxes

I love when I get something special in my package, don’t you? It makes me feel like someone really thought about what they were sending me. This is why adding stickers or other decorations into your kraft soap box packaging gives it so much more character and style than just plain white boxes with black lettering on them do.

It’s super easy too! All you need are some colorful paint pens – any color will do! Then all that’s left to do is pick out your favorite sticker (or several) and go crazy drawing all over the sides of this simple kraft carton box until it looks however you want it to look! These can be used for anything from one-time use to something you package up and give as gifts. It’s completely customizable, so have fun with it!

You can even turn your kraft packaging into a canvas for paint if you want, but I think the colored pens look really cool too because they are like little hidden designs all over your box that people might not notice at first glance. This makes them feel more special when they open their soap boxes, don’t you agree? You could even try having different colors of ink on each side or any other unique design ideas that come to mind – just make sure whatever sticker(s) you put on there will stick enough to stay in the place where ever it is applied (which should be easy since most stickers these days are made to be extra sticky and durable).

Kraft packaging is creative and unique, with easy steps

There are so many different ways you can make kraft packaging creative and unique with easy steps. The first idea I have is to use vinyl stickers on your soap boxes . This might sound a little weird, but think about it – wouldn’t these look super cool? The stickers can be made to have different patterns, designs, and colors on each side. I also think it would look really nice if you had one sticker with a color gradient going from red at the top to orange in the middle to yellow at the bottom. Another idea for kraft packaging creative is to use scrapbooking paper. For example, you could take some cute patterned or colored cardstock that has pictures of animals on it (the best kind!) and cut out little squares about half an inch wide by three inches long – this will give your soap box just enough room, so they don’t stick out too much but still allow plenty of space for personality!

Here is an example:

– You could even try having different colors of ink on each side or any other unique design ideas that come to mind – just make sure whatever sticker(s) you put on there will stick enough to stay in there for a while.

– Also, if you have scrapbooking scissors, this will make cutting out your sticker designs much easier – so it doesn’t take as long, and the results are more precise!

* You could also try using stickers with cute little sayings or motivational words * If you don’t want to use paper on the outside, you can use fun scrapbook paper on the inside.

Here are some examples of kraft soap boxes with great personalities!

– We all know that big, bulky packages are very impersonal and usually get thrown out immediately – but if your product is in a cute little box like this one, people will keep it around for sure!

Winding up:

Kraft packaging for soap boxes you can add anything you want to these boxes. They are a blank canvas, and you can make them as creative as your product!

Kraft soap box is a great way that people will keep the package around for longer because they love it.

Informative, easy steps help guide readers on how to add kraft packaging personal touches.


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