5 Best Sennheiser Wireless Headsets For OutDoor Work In 2021

Sennheiser Wireless Headsets

People require headsets for outdoor use that can provide an exceptional listening experience and are suitable for working outdoors. Sennheiser wireless headsets with noise cancellation are the best solutions for these needs. With noise cancellation technology, these devices can provide crystal clear sound without interruption. Dedicated microphones also work like a wonder to minimize noise for a receiver.


You can choose from these top five Sennheiser wireless headsets for outdoor work:


1) PXC 550-II:


This item can beat all other wireless headsets when it comes to outdoor use. With its best quality speakers, sound from surroundings does not affect audio inside. Proper sealing on the backside of earpieces can help reduce the overall distortion. Outdoor environments are generally noisy due to people talking to each other, traffic, construction work, and many other factors.


Sennheiser PXC 550-II


Advanced noise cancellation technology of this gadget can nullify most of these sounds from surroundings. Other devices are not capable enough to minimize different kinds of sounds. It’s not just this feature that makes this device superior. Latest wireless connectivity is also the reason behind its popularity. With micro USB, it takes 3 hours to charge a 330 mA 5-volt battery. After a complete charge, it gives about 20 hours of backup. This thing provides peace of mind in outdoor conditions.


2) MOMENTUM Wireless:


Elegance and flexibility are the highlights when we talk about this headset as both factors are essential for outdoor use. This item can easily beat Turtle Beach wireless headsets in the same category due to its modern look. Premium quality is what you can expect from this model. Proper sealing on this over-the-ear headphone reduces sounds from surroundings.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless

With a plane back surface of an earpiece, most of the noise is blocked outside. You can experience true audio quality with focus as it has a dedicated noise cancellation feature as well. Cushioning with genuine leather finishing gives you comfort to help you enjoy nature while being outdoor for a longer duration. Answering your calls is easier while listening to music with dedicated buttons. Low latency means you can play games on your phone during the breaks from work.


3) HD 450BT:


It is a new addition to the headphone lineup of Sennheiser that is suitable for outdoor work. You don’t want the clients to listen to identify where you are. With a special noise cancellation feature of this device, the audio transmitted is completely noise-free. It is due to MEMS technology in the microphone that reduces noise and distortion.

Sennheiser HD 450BT

Individuals mostly keep these devices on their heads for a long time during work. Don’t worry about its impact on your ears as it is an over-the-ear headphone. The cushioning of this gadget also has a pretty high standard. Moreover, talk time on this device is about 30 hours with a 500 mA battery. It is among the longest durations of batteries available these days. So, you can work outdoor without any worry of battery draining. With the Sennheiser Smart Control app, all the controls are at your fingertips.


4) Sennheiser MB PRO2:


This headset is ultra-light from Sennheiser that suits quite well for using outdoor. VXI wireless headsets and headphones of other brands cannot compete with this product due to its lightweight of 2.89 oz. It is an on-the-ear headphone that suits quite well when it comes to the loud outdoor environment.


Sennheiser MB PRO2

The microphone of this item has ultra-noise cancellation that can nullify all the additional sounds. This thing helps the receiver to listen to your sound quite clearly. With this feature, your client will not identify if you are sitting in the office or outside. Neodymium magnets help you listen to the audio pretty clearly. Talk time of up to fifteen hours with this low-weight item is no less than bliss. It can help you use it without being worried about the battery running out.


5) Sennheiser GSP 370:


It might seem like a gaming headphone, and that makes it a perfect choice for outdoor work. Gaming headphones have pretty impressive noise reduction and many other features that suit your requirements to work outside.


Sennheiser GSP 370

Its impressive cushioning helps you work for a long time with keeping them on your ears. Their over-the-ear style is beneficial for this purpose. With its low latency, you can communicate with your clients without any delay. Dedicated noise filters out extra sounds that can mess with your audio during a conversation. With the best talk time of about 100 hours, it is the right choice for many people.




Sennheiser wireless headsets are the need of individuals that need noise-free headphones for outdoor work. By having the top five models of these headsets, you can easily pick the most suitable one. So, visit FindHeadsets to buy your dream headset without waiting anymore.

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